What Lies in the Valley: eBook

In the isolation of the Foxtail Valley sits the ancestral home of the McMillian family.

Dust floats in the hallways, and wind cannot sway it. The windows twinkle on cloudy days, the foundation doesn’t crack, and nothing can seemingly force the house to follow the laws of nature. Whispers say a tall shadowy man stands in the attic, and only a high-pitched ringing can be heard when he speaks.

Klara’s grandparents burned alive on Christmas eve. Her father vanished with their fortune and his mistress. A shadowed, child-stealing creature, the Watcher, stole Klara’s youngest brother.

Klara’s family, plagued by misfortune and horror, flee to Canada, where their house in the Foxtail Valley waits for them. Unbeknownst to them, unseen forces lying in the valley prepare for their arrival.

ISBN: 978-1-7781844-7-5
Author: Miguel A. Fenrich
Cover Design: Brianne Hager
Format: ePub


The eBook is in epub format and can be read on smartphones, tablets, eReaders, or computers. Once purchased, you will will be able to download and begin reading immediately.


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