Blue: A Novel

by Miguel A. Fenrich

Fourty years from now, a brown-eyed supremacy movement has swept society, forcing all blue-eyed ‘mutations’ into slavery for their brown-eyed masters. BESNA (The Brown Eyed Society of North America), rules over the blue and green-eyed minority with an iron fist, splitting up families, forcing people into work camps, and killing those they consider useless. Wolfe is forced to work in the dying fields of North America as oceans rise and plants wither. When he hears rumours of rebellion in the east, he takes the opportunity to try and escape his non-existent future in the blistering fields. Thrust into possible rebellion and a vast journey across the North American continent, will Wolfe, posed against monstrous opposition, change the world? Blue is the debut novel of Saskatchewan author Miguel A. Fenrich, who has managed to encapsulate the horror of inhumanity in a single, striking novel. What would you do if your humanity was tied to a single, immutable trait? Available now in eBook or Print!

Read A Letter from the Author of Blue

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